If you are interested in participating in Special Olympics or learning more about our programs, please contact the Registrar, Sarah Anthony at for more information.


Registration packages are generally emailed to current athletes in June each year. We encourage athletes to mail completed forms with payment as soon as possible, rather than wait for Registration Night.


Registration is $45.00 and there is a cost for each sport you participate in. The cost varies by sport depending on how much we have to pay for renting the facilities, buying equipment and going to tournaments. We also have many fundraising activities that will subsidize your total cost. No athlete will be refused because they can't afford to participate.

Special Olympic Athlete Rules and Requirements

As an athlete you are expected to follow certain requirements to participate. The main requirements are that you will: Agree to observe and abide by the Special Olympics Sports Rules. Treat everyone with respect and dignity. Remember that coaches are there to help you, accept their decision and show them respect. Contact your Head Coach if you will be missing a practice. Follow the rules and play in the spirit of the game. Not wear jeans or jewellery to practices, games or tournaments. But most of all . . . try your best and have fun!

Athlete Speakers Bureau

Athletes are provided the opportunity to develop public speaking and speech writing skills, as well as poise and self-confidence, while educating others about Special Olympics. Through presentations, athletes have successfully recruited new athletes and volunteers, recognized sponsors, and informed the public about the organization.